It’s a time-honored debate around the holidays: white or color lights? Settle the dispute once and for all by having the best of both worlds with smart lights that can alternate between the two. And right now smart shoppers can score postholiday discounts on these pricey displays: The Nanoleaf Essentials 20-meter smart holiday string lights (white and multicolor) are currently on sale at Best Buy for half off

The Nanoleaf Essentials holiday string lights normally cost a pretty penny. The regular price for a 20-meter (65.6-foot), 50-light strand is $120. But right now you can get them at Best Buy for $60. And there’s no need to wait until the holidays to use them. These lights are so cool we think they deserve a place in your home or yard year-round. 

Choose from multicolor, warm white or cool white, or set your own color gradients… rainbow deck lights anyone? You can also set up light animations (watch them change along to your favorite songs) and set them to auto-timers. You can control them with Wi-Fi using the Nanoleaf app, set them up with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, or use the included controller. Get your space dance party ready in the blink of an eye. 

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