Winter brings a cornucopia of seasonal treats as it wraps the globe in a cold embrace. Rich in heart-healthy fats, antioxidants and a wonderful crunch that adds warmth to any dish, walnuts are one of the season’s treasures. Walnuts have many health benefits and a delicious nutty flavour that makes them a great addition to any winter diet. Rich in nutrients, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts can reduce inflammation, promote heart health and improve brain function. Walnuts are also a great source of vitamins and minerals, giving you a winter energy boost. Whether eaten on their own, in salads or sprinkled over oatmeal, walnuts are a healthy and delicious way to fuel your body during the colder months. (Also read: 5 nourishing winter recipes to beat the chill and treat your taste buds )

From sweet treats to savory delights, discover the magic of incorporating walnuts into your winter culinary repertoire.(Unsplash/NordWood Themes)

Delicious Walnut Recipes for Winters

Chef Meghna Kamdar, Chilean Walnut shared with HT Lifestyle three delicious recipes that not only showcase the rich, nutty flavour of walnuts but also bring a touch of comfort to your table.

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1. Tomato soup with crunchy walnut topping

Tomato soup with crunchy walnut topping(Pinterest)
Tomato soup with crunchy walnut topping(Pinterest)


1 red bell pepper large size

5-6 large tomatoes

1 medium size onion

3-4 cloves garlic

2 tbs olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Walnuts for topping


1. Mix everything well

2. Roast it in oven at 200 degree for 20-25 minutes till you get charred effect

3. You can do the same in air fryer also or roast it on a pan if no oven or air frier

4. Once cools down, churn it in a mixer

5. Strain the mixture

6. Adjust the consistency with water

7. Heat the soup once again

8. For the toppings- take some basil leaves, roasted walnuts & some feta cheese (optional)

9. Add this topping on the soup just before serving.

2. Carrot walnut milkshake

Carrot walnut milkshake(Chef Meghna Kamdar)
Carrot walnut milkshake(Chef Meghna Kamdar)


6-7 walnuts

6 seedless dates


Cardamon powder



1. In a mixie jar, take 6-7 walnuts

2. Then take 6 seedless dates (make sure you add water in which date are soaked)

3. Add grated medium size carrot

4. Add cardamom powder (alternatively you may take cinnamon or dry ginger powder also)

5. Churn it again and your yummiest sugar free energy booster walnut milkshake it ready.

6. While serving you may add some more grated carrot and delicious walnuts.

7. While you can drink this anytime of the day, I personally prefer to have this as breakfast.

3. Crispy walnut dates roll

Crispy walnut dates roll(Chef Meghna Kamdar)
Crispy walnut dates roll(Chef Meghna Kamdar)


150 gm dry toasted walnuts

100gm paneer

10-12 dates

A pinch of salt

Some black pepper

Few drops of oil or ghee for brushing

Honey to drizzle on top

Some more chopped walnuts

Spring roll sheets

Some maida slurry (Maida mixed in water)


1. Take 150gm dry toasted walnuts

2. Add 100gm paneer and 10 to 15 chopped dates

3. Add some little salt & pepper, it will enhance the taste & balance the sweetness of dates

4. Mix everything. Take spring roll sheets and fill inside with walnut paneer dates mixtue.

5. Now prepare maida slurry and apply on boarders of the spring roll sheet so when you roll it gets stuck from all sides.

6. In an air fryer, place butter paper in bottom, place these rolls and brush some oil and ghee.

7. Aur fryer at 180 degree for 16 to 18 minutes. When halfway pause the fryer turn the rolls and brush oil again.

8. And then get them air fryed. Once air fried drizzle some honey on top & sprikle chopped toasted walnuts on top.