When it comes to robot vacuums the first brand that tends to jump to mind is iRobot, creator of the iconic Roomba. They might not be the cheapest, but Roombas are among the best robot vacuums you can buy. But sometimes you get the chance to pick one up and save some money in the process. The Roomba J7 Plus is now available refurbished for just $270.

The Roomba J7 Plus has all of the features you’re ever likely to want in a robovac, as well as some that you might not even know existed — until now. And like all good smart home gadgets, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without your new robot vacuum friend.

Kicking things off, the big feature that iRobot points to here is the fact that this model comes with POOP. You read that right, and it apparently stands for “Pet Owner Official Promise.” In short, it means that you can be assured that your new robot will avoid pet waste when doing its thing. If it doesn’t, iRobot says that “we’ll replace it for free.” The vacuum, that is. Not the pet.

There’s a lot more here than just avoiding a poopocalypse. A three-stage cleaning system offers 10 times the suction, while an edge-sweeping brush ensures that corners and walls are no problem for this little guy. You won’t need to empty it so often either, with the included waste bin coming into play whenever the vacuum finishes sweeping up. Once done, it’ll return to its charging base and empty itself, as if by magic.

If all of that sounds like your idea of a good time — or at least, a good vacuum — you can pick up this deal today without entering codes or clipping coupons.

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