Even if you didn’t feel the ground move beneath your feet during Friday morning’s 4.2 magnitude SoCal earthquake, or the 4.1 shaker that rattled nerves (if not windows) on New Year’s Day, you might have felt those quakes — in an emotional sense — precisely because you missed out on them entirely. And that could mean you’re a “never-feeler.” That’s what we’re calling residents of the Southland who don’t realize when the earth is moving beneath their feet.

We know you’re out there, and we’re reminded of your curious existence every time we head to our social media feeds for a post-quake group freakout and you’re over in the corner dutifully reporting “#earthquake — didn’t feel it.” Is it a skill? A learned condition? Wizardry? We want to know more.

To that end, we’re hoping that all you still-earthers and quake-nots out there will take a few minutes to fill out the form below to tell us how you feel about not feeling the earthquake everyone else felt — even the person in the next room. How do you react when that happens? What do you do when you realize you didn’t feel a quake? Do you consider this a blessing, a curse or a medical malady?

We may share your experiences in a future story, so be sure to include your name. Now let’s get shaking!