Looking for a list of the most popular websites in the US and Worldwide in 2024?

We’ve pulled the top 100 most visited sites by organic traffic from our database.

Top 100 most visited websites in the world

# Domain Traffic
1 youtube.com 4.8B
2 en.wikipedia.org 2.5B
3 facebook.com 2.1B
4 instagram.com 1.5B
5 twitter.com 1.3B
6 pornhub.com 1.1B
7 xnxx.com 677M
8 whatsapp.com 656M
9 amazon.com 642M
10 pinterest.com 616M
11 play.google.com 588M
12 microsoft.com 579M
13 imdb.com 527M
14 xvideos.com 506M
15 es.wikipedia.org 500M
16 reddit.com 459M
17 apple.com 458M
18 tiktok.com 395M
19 de.wikipedia.org 328M
20 globo.com 311M
21 linkedin.com 307M
22 fandom.com 277M
23 xhamster.com 272M
24 fr.wikipedia.org 272M
25 yahoo.co.jp 268M
26 ja.wikipedia.org 262M
27 ru.wikipedia.org 257M
28 nytimes.com 256M
29 translate.google.com 230M
30 uol.com.br 230M
31 quora.com 230M
32 it.wikipedia.org 208M
33 mayoclinic.org 206M
34 spboss.blog 205M
35 vk.com 201M
36 satta-king-fixed-no.in 191M
37 amazon.in 185M
38 indeed.com 183M
39 xnxx.health 183M
40 nih.gov 176M
41 indiatimes.com 175M
42 openai.com 174M
43 netflix.com 172M
44 booking.com 172M
45 xosodaiphat.com 169M
46 detik.com 167M
47 tripadvisor.com 164M
48 cricbuzz.com 164M
49 rakuten.co.jp 163M
50 bbc.co.uk 160M
51 canva.com 156M
52 yelp.com 154M
53 pt.wikipedia.org 151M
54 walmart.com 147M
55 sattaamatka.co.com 145M
56 espn.com 145M
57 xoso.com.vn 145M
58 amazon.co.jp 145M
59 healthline.com 142M
60 espncricinfo.com 133M
61 amazon.de 131M
62 webmd.com 128M
63 iplt20.com 127M
64 yandex.com 126M
65 ikea.com 126M
66 mail.yahoo.com 126M
67 etsy.com 126M
68 adobe.com 123M
69 sarkariresult.com 121M
70 ilovepdf.com 121M
71 ibomma.link 120M
72 flipkart.com 118M
73 speedtest.net 118M
74 britannica.com 116M
75 weather.com 116M
76 dpboss.services 115M
77 hurriyet.com.tr 113M
78 ebay.com 113M
79 pl.wikipedia.org 109M
80 bbc.com 109M
81 snaptik.app 108M
82 amazon.co.uk 108M
83 merriam-webster.com 108M
84 zh.wikipedia.org 107M
85 sofascore.com 107M
86 byjus.com 106M
87 as.com 106M
88 samsung.com 104M
89 id.wikipedia.org 102M
90 ar.wikipedia.org 100M
91 tokopedia.com 99M
92 nike.com 98M
93 allegro.pl 96M
94 cambridge.org 96M
95 medlineplus.gov 96M
96 accuweather.com 95M
97 savefrom.net 94M
98 clevelandclinic.org 94M
99 tr.wikipedia.org 93M
100 spotify.com 92M

YouTube is the most visited website, with an estimated ~4.8 billion monthly organic visits.

Most other sites on the list are recognizable brands to us English speakers, but a few aren’t.

For example, the 20th most visited website in the world by search traffic is the Globo.com, a Brazilian sports news website. It gets an estimated 98.2% of its traffic from Brazil.

Top 100 most visited websites in the US

# Domain Traffic
1 en.wikipedia.org 1.2B
2 youtube.com 956M
3 amazon.com 538M
4 facebook.com 392M
5 reddit.com 376M
6 instagram.com 315M
7 twitter.com 313M
8 pornhub.com 254M
9 imdb.com 253M
10 nytimes.com 177M
11 quora.com 146M
12 yelp.com 142M
13 walmart.com 140M
14 pinterest.com 137M
15 fandom.com 136M
16 tripadvisor.com 128M
17 apple.com 123M
18 espn.com 111M
19 xnxx.com 111M
20 ebay.com 95M
21 nih.gov 88M
22 mayoclinic.org 86M
23 microsoft.com 85M
24 xvideos.com 80M
25 tiktok.com 78M
26 linkedin.com 78M
27 webmd.com 74M
28 healthline.com 71M
29 target.com 70M
30 indeed.com 64M
31 craigslist.org 62M
32 mail.yahoo.com 62M
33 etsy.com 58M
34 nba.com 58M
35 play.google.com 56M
36 yahoo.com 54M
37 mlb.com 51M
38 allrecipes.com 51M
39 weather.com 50M
40 clevelandclinic.org 50M
41 zillow.com 47M
42 britannica.com 45M
43 merriam-webster.com 45M
44 netflix.com 42M
45 cnn.com 42M
46 forbes.com 42M
47 bestbuy.com 40M
48 usps.com 40M
49 foxnews.com 38M
50 medicalnewstoday.com 38M
51 mapquest.com 38M
52 usatoday.com 37M
53 expedia.com 37M
54 irs.gov 35M
55 usnews.com 33M
56 cdc.gov 33M
57 finance.yahoo.com 33M
58 hotels.com 33M
59 rottentomatoes.com 32M
60 aol.com 31M
61 genius.com 30M
62 people.com 29M
63 lowes.com 29M
64 nike.com 28M
65 chase.com 28M
66 xhamster.com 28M
67 ca.gov 28M
68 investopedia.com 27M
69 realtor.com 27M
70 nordstrom.com 27M
71 spotify.com 26M
72 onlyfans.com 26M
73 macys.com 26M
74 bankofamerica.com 25M
75 nerdwallet.com 25M
76 adobe.com 25M
77 cbssports.com 25M
78 openai.com 25M
79 go.com 25M
80 apartments.com 24M
81 nfl.com 24M
82 kohls.com 24M
83 wikihow.com 24M
84 si.com 24M
85 wellsfargo.com 23M
86 booking.com 23M
87 costco.com 23M
88 att.com 23M
89 xfinity.com 23M
90 capitalone.com 23M
91 cvs.com 23M
92 kayak.com 22M
93 t-mobile.com 22M
94 spankbang.com 22M
95 google.com 21M
96 www.nhs.uk 21M
97 kbb.com 21M
98 steampowered.com 21M
99 verizon.com 21M
100 fedex.com 20M

Unsurprisingly, this list is dominated by big websites that many of us know and love.

Wikipedia tops the list with 1.2 billion estimated monthly visits from organic search. Considering that the US population is ~336 million, that means each person in the US clicks on a YouTube result 3.57 times per month, on average.

It’s a similar story for YouTube. Each person in the US clicks a result 2.85 times per month on average.

Amazon is next on the list, with 538 million estimated organic monthly visits.

Interestingly, around 17% of those visits (90.19 million) come from one search query: “Amazon.”

Amazon traffic from the keyword "amazon"

Below are a couple more interesting observations from the top 100.


Google.com is in 95th place with an estimated 21 million monthly organic visits from the US. Believe it or not, roughly 6.4 million of these (30.5%) come from people Googling “Google.”

Google traffic from the keyword "google"


Craigslist gets more search traffic than Best Buy, Lowes, Kohls, and many other big names.

Most of this traffic comes from branded searches like “craigslist” and “craigslist [insert city name].”

Craigslist top keywords

Interestingly, Craigslist is primarily popular in the US, where it gets 94.4% of its traffic.

Craigslist top countries by traffic

See how many organic visits any website gets

If you’re curious how much organic traffic a particular website gets each month, paste the domain into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. You’ll see its estimated monthly organic traffic, the number of keywords it ranks for in organic search, and other key SEO metrics.

SEO metrics in Ahrefs

You’ll also see a graph of its performance over time:

Search performance for ahrefs.com over time

You can even compare it to other websites:

Search performance for ahrefs.com vs moz.com

If you want to see all the keywords a site ranks for, hit the Organic keywords report on the left-hand menu.

Organic keyword rankings for Ahrefs. Data via Ahrefs' Site Explorer

You can also check the Top pages report to see which pages get the most search traffic.

Top pages by estimated organic traffic for Ahrefs. Data via Ahrefs' Site Explorer

Final thoughts

Remember that these are the most visited websites by organic search traffic. The figures don’t take into account direct, referral, or any other traffic sources.

We also removed any NSFW websites from the list for obvious reasons.

If you’re curious about the full, unedited list, you can see it in Keywords Explorer.