In a groundbreaking development for Bitcoin’s data indexing landscape, Trac Core has announced the launch of “Trac Core for TAP Protocol,” according to a Jan. 26 press release.

Trac Core’s journey began in May 2023, focusing on developing decentralized data indexing technologies based on Ordinal-based metaprotocols. The TAP Protocol launch marks a pivotal moment in simplifying and streamlining the data indexing process on the Bitcoin network.

With the introduction of ‘Trac Core for TAP Protocol,’ Trac Core is advancing its technology and incorporating key standalone protocols like TAP and PIPE, signaling a new chapter in data management and utilization in the blockchain arena.

User-friendly approach

The standout feature of ‘Trac Core for TAP Protocol’ is its user-friendly setup. Developers can now quickly deploy operational environments with a straightforward command, bypassing the traditional complexities of setting up Bitcoin Core and Ord Wallet.

This ease of use is expected to attract a broader range of developers and innovators to the Bitcoin ecosystem, fostering diverse projects and applications. Additionally, Trac Core’s open-source nature invites global contributions, ensuring continuous improvement and evolution of the platform.

The Trac Network Ecosystem is a collaborative framework that includes indexers (writers), validators, and peers (readers). Indexers are crucial in maintaining the network’s robustness by contributing their indexing results.

Validators, on the other hand, ensure the accuracy of this data and compensate indexers with $TAP tokens. Peers, integral to the ecosystem, access this validated data at no cost, supporting various applications and marketplaces.

Sustainability Focus

Running on the widely adopted NodeJS development platform, Trac Core is optimized for compact devices like the Raspberry PI 3–5. This capability allows for multiple protocol instances on a single device, which is far more cost-effective and environmentally responsible than conventional methods.

The immediate availability of ‘Trac Core for TAP Protocol’ is just the beginning. Trac Core’s ambitious roadmap includes the forthcoming releases of Bitmap, Bitmap Parcels, Ordinals, Wallets, PIPE Protocol, and Doginals.

Throughout 2024, Trac Core plans to unveil additional tools, apps, and indexer packages and finalize the deployment of validators and incentive structures, outlining a comprehensive and forward-looking journey.