It’s CES season, which means new tech-forward products for every aspect of your life are being unveiled left, right and center in Las Vegas this week. Products geared toward upgrading your home life are no exception. We’ve seen everything from AI-powered dog-nanny robots and two-minute homemade ice cream to meat toasters (really, vertical ovens) and much more at CES 2024. 

This year’s CES has something for every space in your home, from floor to ceiling. We’ve gone ahead and collected some of our favorite home-focused products we’ve seen on the floor in Las Vegas so far this week. 

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Reencle’s countertop composter aims to process your organic waste smarter

reencle composters

Reencle’s countertop composter uses microbes to break food down quickly and features a digital countdown to when it’s ready. 

David Watsky/CNET

Countertop composting bins aren’t necessarily new on the scene, but Reencle is striving to make small-scale composting work smarter for you and your garden. While explaining what makes Reencle so special to CNET’s home expert David Watsky, CEO Jinhwi Bang said, “Reencles actually composts organic waste, while the others … simply dehydrate food scraps, stripping them of precious nutrients that power plants in your lawn, home and garden.”

Reencle debuted the Reencle Prime during CES 2024, and the latest model includes 21 liters of storage space for your compost and a digital countdown clock, so no more guessing about when your compost is ready to be used. The Reencle Prime sells for $499. 

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Oro’s AI-powered dog nanny robot cares for your pup while you’re away

dog next to pee on carpet with oro robot looking on

Oro’s AI-powered dog nanny robot claims to learn your dog’s behaviors and identify signs of distress.

Ogmen Robotics

Leaving your dog home alone can make your heart hurt. It’s hard not to wonder what they’re up to and if they’re hungry or anxious while you’re gone. To lower your — and your pet’s — stress levels, Oro’s AI-powered pet robot allows you to dote on your four-legged friend while you’re away from home. 

The robot features a two-way screen, so you can watch your pet while it plays (or gets up to no good). It also features a treat dispenser that allows you to give your pets snacks remotely. However, Oro’s most intriguing feature is its AI-powered learning capabilities. According to the company, the dog robot will learn your dog’s behavior and can respond if they get upset. Oro’s dog robot retails for $799 and will begin shipping in April. 

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Weber brings a souped-up grill to your backyard

weber grill in rotisserie mode

Weber’s Summit is the first grill to utilize infrared broilers.


Few things signify winter is over better than firing up your grill for the first time each year. Grill titan Weber knows this all too well. That’s why it’s brought the Summit FS38X Smart Grill to CES in 2024. 

This new grill comes decked out with all the bells and whistles. There’s a touchscreen that displays real-time data on whatever you’re grilling, internal sensors that can track and adjust the temperature of the food you’re cooking and, the star of the show, an infrared broiler. As far as we know, this is the first of its kind in grills. And the broiler can be raised and lowered to create perfect crusts on any sort of meat you might be grilling. 

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Kohler’s smart bidet is bringing your bathroom into the future 

photoshoot of toilet CES

Kohler’s E930 bidet seat offers seat heaters and water pressure and temperature controls.

David Watsky/CNET

Listen, believe me or don’t, but bidets are incredible. Regardless of whether you’ve hopped on the bidet train yet, Kohler’s E930 Bidet Seat has something for everyone. This bathroom fixture not only features a seat-heater and controls for your bidet’s water pressure and temperature but also can connect to your Alexa or Google Home device. Yes — this means that any of the bidet’s spraying and drying features can be activated with your voice.

The E930 Bidet Seat costs $2,149 and is available in both black and white. 

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Homemade ice cream in less than 2 minutes from ColdSnap 

coldsnap ice cream machine

Dream about this on your kitchen counter.

David Watsky/CNET

It won’t be available for your home till 2025, but this first-of-its-kind ice cream dispenser will make a frozen treat in under two minutes once it’s on your counter next year. You may be able to find the ColdSnap in restaurants this year, however, according to Sigma Phase. ColdSnap will also be able to make frozen boozy beverages, smoothies and coffee drinks. It’s kind of a Keurig coffee pod setup where you pop in a pod and about 90 seconds later you get a bowl of ice cream, smoothie or a coffee drink.

Samsung’s AI robot vacuum cleaner can spot, and clean, stains and other messes


Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo uses AI-based object recognition to spot stains on your floors.


Robot vacuums are not infallible. They can get stuck or drag messes all over your floors in an effort to clean up. Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is aiming to tackle the common pitfalls of robot vacuums. 

The most exciting feature might be the robot’s ability to locate a stain on your floor using AI-powered object recognition. After locating a hard to reach, or otherwise missed, stain, the robot returns to its base, steam-heats its mop pads, and returns to the stain to get to work. According to the company, the robot can differentiate between hardwood floors, carpet and tile. You also won’t have to worry about your vacuum going somewhere it’s not allowed — as it’s meant to work within mapped areas in your home. There’s no word on specific launch dates, but Samsung told us to expect the device later this year. 

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A steak toaster (well, oven) that can grill meat in mere minutes 

steak toaster

I had to fight my way through a crowd of curious CES attendees to get an up-close look at the unusual Perfecta grill. 

David Watsky/CNET

This product isn’t actually a meat toaster but it sure looks like one to me: It’s a vertical oven called the Perfecta from Seer Grills. This countertop appliance uses AI-powered infrared burners to cook steaks, chicken, chops or fish to near perfection, the company said. 

When asked about why the oven was designed to cook the food vertically, instead of the traditional horizontal approach, CEO Suraj Sudera told CNET that the unusual design is so whatever you’re cooking can be heated from both sides. According to Sudera, this means “that juices don’t have time to escape before being locked inside a seared crust.” The oven’s smart design means that it can use its AI capabilities, alongside feedback from the chef, to cook smarter for you the more you use it, the company said. The Perfecta is set to drop later this year, for $3,500.

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