Companies collaborate to launch walk-in pain clinic

Kanabo Group has linked up with City Dock Pharmacy in London, to introduce a walk-in pain clinic offering specialised medicines, including medicinal cannabis.

The partnership will cater for patients who are eligible for alternative therapies, as traditional treatments have not delivered improvements.

The facility, which will be situated at City Dock Pharmacy in Wapping, will deliver both walk-in and appointment-related services, and becomes the UK’s first walk-in clinic for pain management.

The clinic will represent an extension of Kanabo’s ‘Treat It’ online platform, allowing onsite pharmacists will also be able to guide patients through the medicinal cannabis treatment options.

Meanwhile, the clinic will also support the unrolling of personalised plans for the growing number of chronic pain sufferers across the UK. At present, such individuals often face difficulties accessing medical treatments due to long waiting times and affordability.

The latest development is part of Kanabo’s wider ambition to extend its reach into physical pharmacies throughout the UK and the Company will now seek to replicate this model across further pharmacies.

Avihu Tamir, Chief Executive Officer at Kanabo, is optimistic about the success of the partnership: “This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to innovating in pain management.”

He added: “The combination of City Dock Pharmacy’s trusted presence and our expertise in medicinal cannabis paves the way for a new, holistic approach to treating pain and the opportunity to extend this to additional indications.”