Samsung has announced an update to its Ballie personal assistant robot, for CES 2024, which now includes a new design, an onboard projector and AI capabilities.

When Samsung first unveiled Ballie in 2020, the device looked like a basketball, but the new one resembles a character from the video game Among Us with its bright colors and square-ish display.


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The new version is designed to be a companion, an entertainment device and a roving guard dog with its front and rear cameras. Ballie can follow you around the house, come when called and can even greet you at the door. With its ability to control smart devices like lights and thermostats, as well as answer your questions, it’s like an Alexa on wheels, except that it already exists.  

The onboard projector is one of its most interesting capabilities, as it’s the first projector to “automatically detect people’s posture and facial angle and adjust the optimal projection angle for you.” The projector will also calibrate itself for different surfaces before allowing you to stream from YouTube and other sources.

Samsung’s robot is the second AI assistant to be announced today after LG’s Smart Home AI agent, but Ballie wins points for the better name.

As with most announcements at CES, the pricing and availability of Ballie 2024 are not yet known.

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