Toyota pushes back about the viability of affordable EVs. Ram introduces a lineup of electric vans. And Tesla buyers can now get the $7,500 EV tax credit up front—if they qualify. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Tesla has started applying the EV tax credit at the time of purchase—via its own website and affecting the up-front amount buyers will need to pay when buying a new Tesla. Eligible buyers will be responsible for determining eligibility, specifically in light of adjusted gross household income caps. That said, fewer Tesla models now make the cut, due to more restrictions on battery materials sourcing introduced for 2024. 

The lineup of Ram ProMaster EV electric van models was revealed Tuesday. These front-wheel-drive vans have a 110-kwh battery pack good for up to 162 miles of range and, with their focus on last-mile delivery fleets and work-van upfits, will rival the Rivian EDV, Mercedes eSprinter, and Ford E-Transit. 

And never mind the Nissan Leaf, apparently—or the Chevy Bolt EV. Toyota is the latest automaker to dismiss the viability of an affordable EV—in this case, specific to the European market. Toyota’s development boss for that market recently said that the premium for EVs won’t go away until a “substantial shift in the cost of batteries” occurs—sentiments that parallel those recently made by Honda’s CEO, suggesting an affordable small EV might not arrive until 2030. This, that, and whatever. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.


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